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respect for the environment
"A world without forests is as unthinkable
as a day
without wood"

- Patrick Moore


SVP is committed to the global environment. We believe in well managed forests, by both public and private land owners, that allow a sustained yield of raw materials for generations to come. Good forest management allows for sustainability of high grade raw materials and is extremely important in preventing adverse incidents like wild fires which eliminate the value of forest resources entirely. A significant part of RSVP’s commitment is derived from the desire to grow our company, provide jobs and support to our community, and serve the needs of our customer’s projects for the long term.

We think using wood is the first step in making a wise choice for the environment. Wood is a completely renewable and clean resource. According to Patrick Moore, a life long environmentalist and cofounder of Greenpeace, and as cited on the A.W.I ‘s web site, “of all the measures comparing the environmental effects of common building materials, wood has the least impact on total energy use, greenhouse gasses, air and water pollution, solid waste and ecological resource use. Seventy percent less energy is required in the use of wood compared with any other building materials.”

A further significant step in making a wise environmental choice is using veneer as opposed to solid wood. Using veneer allows for a significantly better utilization of the forest’s raw materials by increasing the yield of usable material by 50 times or more. Additionally we support the employment of any technology that allows for better yields from raw materials than is currently possible.

By way of our membership involvement and financial contributions to the Architectural Woodwork Institute and Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association, RSVP supports the promotion of good forestry practices through groups such as the Hardwood Forestry Fund. RSVP has over 80 wood species, cutting and figure types available and encourages the promotion of lesser utilized species. RSVP representatives work one-on-one with clients to choose a wood specie that not only meets their aesthetic criteria, but also provides a wise environmental choice.

You can learn more about Patrick Moore in his book “Trees are the Answer” or by visiting his web site at www.greenspirtit.com.

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